• Styles : Drake, Hen or Unpainted
  • Poses: Standard, Resting and Sleeper (only Resting Unpainted)
  • Size: 12" x 7"
  • Weight: 1-1/2 Lbs
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    These "jets from the north" are favorites of diver hunters in every flyway. Large speedy flocks of bills over the duck decoys make lasting memories. Big water and large duck decoy spreads are the norm when hunting these late migrants.

    Our hand carved wood decoys capture the essence of Blue Bill with a highly visible standard shape for recognition even in rough water, a contented resting pose, and a sleeper pose to convey confidence. These basswood Blue Bills are about 2X oversize (12" X 7") and weigh approximately 1.5 pounds each. Big water diver hunters will especially appreciate the way our decoys ride into the water. The realistic ride, a seemingly small detail, may prove to be a serious edge when hunting pressured birds that shy away from conventional decoy spreads. The linseed oil wood treatment followed by hand applied oil paints has served us well with our own personal rig of divers providing us over 20 years of rugged service. The yellow eyes of both the drake & hen Blue Bill are a signature recognition element and Autumn Wings emulates nature by using glass.

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